Live your life the ZEN way

Our aim is to give our guests an enjoyable experience of relaxation, revitalization and wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

Our services include high quality treatments and products, all selected with respect and in-depth knowledge.

Our goal is to pamper and relax guests with care and devotion and to make every visit to ZEN a unique and customized experience.

ZEN Body

You deserve the affordable luxury of a massage or a body treatment. The essences we use to perfume our massage oils and our cosmetics are very carefully chosen and combined with the wonderful ZEN atmosphere which will carry you away from the everyday routine. Let the essences of the candles go deep into your inner senses and rejuvenate your distressed aura. Our massage and body treatment techniques are primarily based on our great interest of you, aiming to offer you a pleasant break from your thoughts.

ZEN Face

We love smiling faces. We want them to reflect health, youth and unpretentious charm. A face massage or a hydrated facial will rejuvenate and strengthen your natural beauty. They will awake your youth cells and make your face healthy, flawless and glowing. Beautiful skin means hydrated skin combined with some ZEN pleasure.

ZEN Nails

Hands and feet need special care. They need to be taken care of not only for aesthetic but also for health reasons. Refresh your nail polish choosing from a great range of nail polishes following the latest fashion trends. It’s amazing to express yourself through a nail polish!