Body Treatments

Tonify your body and moisturize your skin. Freshen up your body and soul.

• Lime & Ginger Body Scrub 45 min 35€
An exotic exfoliation that strengthens and rejuvenates the body. Your body is lightly dry brushed before warm oil is generously applied all over letting magnificent Elemis ExoticLime & Ginger Salt Glow hugging your skin. Thus, the skin is cleansed in depth and is left shiny and smooth, while the treatment is completed with the application of a milk bath that offers a glowing, revitalized and flawless skin. (We use Elemis products)


• Biomaris Detoxing 45 min 30€
A body treatment based on sea water that is rich in trace elements, metals and seaweed ingredients, aiming to alleviate toxins and fight cellulite. This treatment promotes circulation and flow of oxygen so that the skin regains its elasticity and
healthy look.


For all massages we use organic oils and extracts, depending on your personal needs. Our aim is to alleviate the stress, tension and fatigue from your muscles and help you relax your mind.

A restorative Facial Massage (with biological oil O•LIVE) that maintains the stimulation of facial and throat muscles, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and remedies existing damages, such as swollen cheeks, double jaw and dark circles.

• ZEN Full Body Massage 50 min 30€
Let your body and spirit free to relax with this soothing massage that alleviates tension, eases fatigue and stress and pleasantly revives the senses.

• Aromatotherapy 1h. 45€
A full body treatment with essential oils extracted from plants and herbs. The oils have either detoxifying, stimulating or relaxing properties chosen to suit individual needs. The aroma from the oils has a therapeutic effect, inducing a feeling of well being.

• Deep Thai Massage 1h 30min  45€
A combination of strong sport massage, on the bed, using Thai movements that ease the muscle groups. Characterized by deep pressure and simultaneous relaxation. Suitable for people with strong muscle groups and athletes. A combination of pressure and stretching.

• Indian Head Massage 40 min 30€
A treatment that has been practiced in india for more than 4000 years. it relieves muscle tension and tightness in the shoulders, neck, head and face and helps to restore the balance of the body and spirit. The treatment is completed with the application of Monoi Oil on the hair. The oil comes from the exotic coasts of Tahiti.

• Deep Tissue Massage 55 min 40€
A deep muscle relaxing massage, designed for those who need relief on specific
muscle groups. Pressure is exercised intensively on the entire body.

• Deep Tissue Back Massage 35 min 25€
A soothing relief from the stress and tension accumulated on the back, the shoulders and the neck. It uses the unique techniques of the Deep t issue massage.

• Lymphatic Massage 40 min 25€
This exceptional massage encourages lymph flow in the body and reduces fluid
retention, offering a healthy and smooth skin.

• Hot Stone Massage 1h. 15 min 50€
Massage with hot stones and essential oils, properly placed on key energy points, relieving the sensitive and sore muscles, releasing the tension and offering wellbeing to the body and a balanced energy flow.

• Leg and foot Massage 25 min 20€
A nice reflexology combination. A leg and foot massage that enhances blood
circulation, reduces fluid retention and reduces muscle aches and cramps.

• Abdominal and buttocks Wrap Massage 25 min 20€
The aim of this therapy is to activate the lymph for elimination of toxins and fat using special massage techniques. With the use of special products we try to accelerate regeneration and firming of the skin and achieve a smoother appearance.