Zen for Men

• Men’s Elemis Quick Hydration 25 min 20€
Mini facial treatment. Rejuvenate your skin with our mini facial revitalizing treatment.
A treatment customized to your personal needs.

• Men’s Elemis Brightness and Hydration 50 min 35€
Facial cleansing and treatment for male skin. A treatment using active ingredients
that penetrate and clean the skin in depth, restoring and moisturizing the epidermis.

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• ZEN for MEN 50 min 30€
A combination of relaxing massage that includes extension of the arms and legs and
pressuring on specific points that immediately relieves and offerss a Zen result!

• Full ZEN for Men 1h. 20 min 45€
Choose the massage style that pleases you and matches your mood and enjoy it in
combination with a wonderful facial treatment to get the best outcome.

• Deep Thai Massage 1h 30 min  45€
A combination of strong sport massage, on the bed, using Thai movements that ease
the muscle groups. Characterized by deep pressure and simultaneous relaxation.
Suitable for people with strong muscle groups and athletes. A combination of
pressure and stretching.

  • Men’s Manicure 10€

  • Men’s Pedicure 15€