The products we use

  • Elemis

  • Biomaris

  • Beauty Spa

  • Murad

  • O•LIVE
  • CND Shellac

  • Essie/Essie Couture

  • China Glaze

  • Pro Gel

  • Peggy Sage

  • Sandrine & Jo

  • Eau de Grece

  • TomyK

Our Partners

An English company producing facial and body treatments and products operating in the beauty market 25 years. The philosophy of Elemis is described as a dialogocentric approach to the personal skin needs of every customer. It is based on innovative science and technology, creating the next generation in skin science, using techniques that enhance the natural resources of the earth. The experience is unique and the results are real…

An Italian company that bases its dermatological investigations on the latest technology. Cosmetics made for the face and body to interpret and reveal trends and market needs, offering innovative answers and solutions based on scientific rigor.

A German company that operates in the beauty area 72 years. Biomaris scientifically exploits all the beneficial sea ingredients for the human benefit. A sophisticated scientific unit, which tries to be close to the daily needs of the skin and body in general respecting the nature.

Αn American company founded in 1989 by Dr Howard Murad, one of the leading dermatologists in the world, with specialized knowledge of pharmacology and pioneering studies of the Cellular Water for the well being of the body. The Murad products are designed based on the “The Science of Cellular Water”, the ability of the cellular membrane to retain its functions on high levels and thus remain healthy. The Murad name quickly became synonymous to high-performance products based on scientific studies, making the skin beautiful and healthy.